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Individual, Family &
Coaching Services

High School / 
College Students' Online Safety Survival Guide!

Seniors' Online Safety
Survival Kit!

Providing Everything You Need To Be Safe & Smart Online!

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The Ultimate Guide To Online Safety & Success

This is an eight session course taught to a child/teen, group of children or family online live or through videos with resources to help parents/grandparents support and monitor their child's online behavior and activities.

Resources for & replays of the modules are provided as well as live coaching sessions.

This is perfect for students as well as parents, grandparents or any adults who want to be tech savvy.

A great experience for all families!

Online Safety & Success Coaching Program

You will learn how to keep yourself and your family safe, but will have guidance and assistance for 1 year for all your online
safety needs.

You will also receive instruction/help to more effectively utilize digital tools for school, work and personal needs.

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Here's what a family who took the course thought about the experience:

"We were looking for an Online Safety guide as we were getting ready to give a smartphone to our high schooler. Little did we know that with Ms. Luciano we would get a complete package for the entire family. In Dad's words she is 'thorough', in Mom's eyes it is pertinent information organized impeccably and in kid's experience it is fun and easy to follow! Her passion for this important cause is contagious."

- Tibrewal Family

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